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تحدب بالفقرات الصدرية

tumor of the thoracic vertebrae

A case of kyphosis in the thoracic vertebrae of a girl at the age of ten years. The convexity was in the upper part of the thoracic vertebrae. It was caused by the impact of a solid body falling from the top of a house on the girl while she was passing under the house. This impact resulted in compression and fusion of a number of thoracic vertebrae, which led to a very, very high hunching angle, as is evident in the CT scan and MRI. Immediately after the patient was diagnosed, she was prepared for surgery to correct the deformity resulting from the kyphosis and to relieve pressure on the neural canal in the thoracic vertebrae. By the grace of God and His grace, the Almighty, the daughter was born safely to her family. The CT scan and the normal follow-up were very, very beautiful, as it was clear that the full correction of the angle of hump to the normal level.