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ossification of cervical cartilage and posterior vertebral ligament

ossification of the cervical cartilage and the posterior vertebral ligament;
It is one of the common pathological problems after the age of fifty and occurs in one or multiple levels of the cervical vertebrae
It is usually in patients with high physical exertion for long periods
This disease leads to weakness in one of the four limbs with an increase in neurological reflexes and disillusionment in the limbs, and the severity of neuropathy sometimes reaches partial or complete quadriplegia with poor control of output.
With early diagnosis of the disease and proper intervention in a timely manner, the problem is overcome and a radical solution is reached and a completely healthy neurological condition is reached
And the intervention followed is usually a surgery to widen the neural canal from the back or a surgery to remove the body of the diseased vertebra to take pressure off the spinal cord. This surgery, although more complicated, is practically the best, as it treats the cause directly.
We will present to you an example of a case of ossification of the posterior ligament with the cervical cartilage of the fifth and sixth cervical vertebrae of a patient of about 56 years old who suffers from quadrilateral failure and weakness in the right upper extremity. And fixation of the vertebrae with an anterior cervical slice, thus the pressure was lifted directly from the cervical spinal cord and the patient returned to her normal life